The professional leveller, aerator, re-seeder and over seeder for all pastures

  • Concept

    In cereal growing output is increasing and is given management time. In grassland output has not received the attention it needs. With earlier silage making there is no chance of selfseeding. To compensate over seeding keeps outputs high and eliminates poor quality meadows grasses from reestablishing themselves. Overseeding extends the productive life of leys. In dry years or when fields have been poached weeds often fill the gapsleft lowering output. The dead grasses at the bottom must be removed before successful over seeding can take place. Successful over seeding needs three elements. The correct technology, the right grass mixture and the know how as to when and how. We are pleased to advise on this.

  • Equipment

    Tines designed specifically for grassland

    Previously used weeder tines are often weaker and limited in the working effect. By using the spring vertical double tine the effect on the sward is intensified. The 8mm thick tine is strong enough to withstand the heaviest of work. The curved tine top allows the vertical leg to move in every direction levelling and tearing out dead grass. 60 tines per tine field produce a tine spacing of 2.5cm.

    Parallelogram ground contour control

    Each tine field individually follows the ground contours independently from its neighbour. This ensures that the whole field is worked equally even at high speed. The ground contour following of the tines field when sowing new lays or rape is unbeatable.

    Intense vertical effect

    A crank on the wheel / parallelogram can adjust the working depth and the aggressiveness. Aggressive settings are ideal for aerating pastures. Less aggressive settings are particularly suitable for reseeding. Selection is quick and simple.

    Hydraulic sowing cut out

    By pressing a button the sowing operation can be interrupted. An hydraulic cylinder lifts the spoked land-wheel and the seed metering wheel drive is stopped. This allows the machine to be used as a scarryfyer or seeder / scarryfyer as and when conditions dictate.


    When working in swards with molehills or dried dung pats the height adjustable cross-boards level the molehills and break up the dung pats leaving a much better finish. When sowing new leys the cross-board breaks clods and takes out tractor wheelings. Good molehill distribution by the cross board levellers. Firstly the top ofthe mole hill is moved and then the tines even the remaining soilout. The cross boards are not fixed over the whole width of the machine with it being divided up into sections. This allows optimum adaption to the ground contours.

  • Technical data

    Technical data Grasmaster

    Grasmaster 300Grasmaster 600
    Working width3,00 m6,00 m
    Transport width3,00 m3,00 m
    Tine fields24
    Tines per field6060
    Tine diameter8 mm8 mm
    Tine spacing2,5 cm2,5 cm
    Weight820 kg1000 kg

    Pneumatic Seeder

    Capacity410 ltr
    Standard equipment PTO driven fan drive, Land wheel metering wheel drive, Metering wheels to suit all seed types, Seed hopper with 410 ltr capacity, Lights 

    Height adjustable cross boards, hydraulic seed drive wheel interupter